Written on February 10, 2010 - Filed in 365 Picture Project.

Here are some pictures from day 32 to day 40! And no, not a picture for everyday. I gave up after a month!


I’ve told you guys before that Ludde is not allowed to dig up the bed cover to lie on the sheets or my pillow. As always, when I’m busy with something else, he takes a chance! And when I get back it looks like this! So adorable! (Yes, it’s my own fault that I don’t teach him no properly in this situation. But how can I? ;))


It sure looks comfortable, doesn’t it? :P

Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet
I bought two Isadora Eyeshadow Quartets that were on sale. 40 SEK each!


I wore pretty earrings again!

Everyday Minerals Floating Feathers and Driftwood

I wore a simple eye make up; Driftwood on the lid and Floating Feathers above the lid. Both from Everyday Minerals. I think it matched my skin tone and freckles perfectly!


Look-a-likes? My bag matches my dog. Or the other way around! ;) I bought the hairy black bag from H&M a while a go. Also on sale, 124 SEK! Half the price!

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3 Responses to “032-040”

  1. Holly says:

    LOL at your bag and dog matching! That’s awesome!

  2. Jenny says:

    Awww, your dog is too cute! I almost thought your handbag was another puppy!

  3. Katy says:


    Your dog stalker is back!! Lol

    I love your dangly earrings. I have 3 and 5 holes in my ears but I always only wear studs because I'm too lazy to change earrings.

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