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Säljes/Sale: H&M Leopard Kilklackar


Säljer ett par kilklackar från H&M Divided med leopardmönster på Tradera. Strl 37! Utrop 1 krona!

H&M HM Leopard Kilklackar Kilklack Divided 37

NYX – Lime Sparkle Nail Polish

I just got home my order from CherryCulture. A few products from NYX. I think I have a new favorite among my nail polishes! It’s Lime Sparkle, a lime green jelly base with golden green glitter, and it’s incredible! Very bling bling!

In the pictures below I have three coats on, but that’s not an issue since it’s one of the most fast drying nail polishes I’ve ever tried (long lasting too!). My pictures are kind of crappy since it’s so dark outside I couldn’t get a good picture.

Here are a few swatches of NYX Lime Sparkle nail polish…

NYX Lime Sparkle Nail Polish

NYX Lime Sparkle Nail Polish

And here we have a few swatches from the pro’s:

Scrangie Lime Sparkle Nail Polish NYX

From Scrangie.

Shimmer Kisser NYX Lime Sparkle Nail Polish

From Shimmer Kisser.

5 Bad Beauty Purchases

Bad Beauty Purchases
I’m bored and I just cleaned out my makeup stash a bit of bad products. I do realize that I could have returned some of these and get a replacement, but I was too lazy at the time. A few of them I couldn’t return since I bought them in a store and they don’t accept refunds or replacements once they have been opened.

  • Depend Eyebrow Pen – Not sure if I got a “Friday car” but this was a disaster. It was dry and even though I followed the instructions, I didn’t get it to work.
  • E.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – Dry as the desert!
  • Isadora Flashy Curl Mascara – Took a few uses, then it became like a gum, then it became dry.
  • Max Factor Masterpiece Glide and Define – First of all, the product I got was grey, the marking for black was very similar. The consistency was watery. Glide – yes, define – no.
  • E.l.f.  Blushing Bronzing and Blending BrushDo not buy this one! A total disappointment! It’s not as nice and smooth as it looks on the product image! The bristles are stiff and scratchy. I have however found another use for it – I clean my keyboard with it! It’s excellent for that purpose!

Some of these probably worked wonders on others, but I would absolutely advise that you don’t buy the E.l.f.  Blushing Bronzing and Blending Brush, it totally sucked. Only buy it if you want to clean your keyboard with it! :P

Anyone else that have experienced/discovered bad/disappointing beauty products lately?

DIY Freebies and Tutorials

DIY Freebies and Tutorials

I got (and get) a lot of visitors to my posts of links to great DIY resources; Makeup Bag Sewing Tutorials, Craft Goodies, Free Printables and Get Crafty During the Holidays,  so I thought I should make another one now when I’ve finally got around to go through the pile of bookmarks I’ve collected since last time.

12 DIY Freebies and Tutorials

If you got some great freebies/tutorials among your bookmarks, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments!

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Sale: Purple Underground boots with black spiderweb!

Underground Steelcap boots purple with black spiderweb


Reservationspriset på Tradera nåddes ej så därför är dessa fortfarande till salu!
Fler bilder och mer information finns här!

Ovanliga och häftiga! Lila 10-håls kängor med svart spindelnät från Underground i strl 4 (UK) vilket motsvarar strl 37 – 37,5 här i Sverige.

Officiella namnet är: Commando – Spook Purple Tarantula Rub-off 10 Eye Boot. Har endast använts 1 gång utomhus, nästan som nya! Har ett pyttelitet märke på hälen, se bild, men syns inte om man inte kollar väldigt nära.

Nypris: ca 1,250kr!
Hör av dig om du är intresserad!

Commando - Spook Purple Tarantula Rub-off 10 Eye Boot Underground

English: I’m selling my steelcap boots – Commando – Spook Purple Tarantula Rub-off 10 Eye Boots from Underground, purple with black spiderweb!

I love Muji

Muji Acrylic Stacking Pots

I bought these two acrylic stacking pots from Muji the other week. They are great! I use them for mineral samples, like eyeshadows and foundations. Purrrfect!

And I have to say that I love Muji, tons of brilliant and stylish organizing products and office supplies (they have tons of other stuff too).  Too bad I don’t really have space for much more! ButI regret that I didn’t buy a notebook or two while I was there!

(Swedish: Ni hittar Muji antingen online eller i utvalda Åhlens-butiker. Finns i  Umeå, Uppsala, Göteborg, Malmö, och ett flertal i Stockholm.)