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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils – Swatches

Along with the nail polishes I also bought three NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils from Cherry Culture. Milk, Yogurt and Cottage Cheese. Milk is plain white, Yogurt looks like frosty copper brown/champagne, and Cottage Cheese is silverish shimmery white. Swatches below!

They are incredibly creamy, well pigmented and easy to blend. But even with a primer they tend to crease a bit (I used UDPP), such a shame! I guess I’ll have to use less or just find another base. But they are really beautiful so it wasn’t a total waste! ;)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches Milk Yogurt Cottage Cheese

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches Milk Yogurt Cottage Cheese

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches Milk Yogurt Cottage Cheese

How to feel miserable as an artist

How to feel miserable as an artist
This list really sums it up, no matter what you are creating, these 10 things can really make you feel miserable. I do some of these mistakes over and over!

(By Keri Smith)

It’s rollin

I love my computer mug

Long time no see!

  • I’m still in school! I do not regret my desicion on leaving work for school. Yeah I might get less cash but I can really feel that studying for one month now really has improved my health! The downside of it all is that I don’t get to see a lot of people since I’m studying at home.
    School is good,  even though everything is pretty basic and I don’t have to study full time yet, I’m learning stuff! After all these years I should know a bit about webdevelopment already ;)
  • I bought a new computer! A mini laptop! It’s supercute! Helps med get out of the apartment a bit!
  • It feels like someone stuffed my throat with a pair of socks, hence the picture above. My favorite I love my coputer-mug filled with hot chocolate. And no makeup!
  • New seasons of my favorite tv-shows started! Finally!

So did you guys have a great weekend?

The challenge – Be yourself

Be yourself

66 Books In One Year

Last year I came up with an idea that I would register and rate all the books I would read during one year. I blogged about every book (a Swedish blog) and added some notes to each and rated them. Now it’s finished! I’ve finally completed a long term project ;).

I’ve read 66 books since last year and I’ve even have several periods when I didn’t feel like reading at all. So I thought I should share a list with you guys, a list with books that’s gotten 4 and 5 out of 5. I’ve linked them to Amazon so you can read more about them. If you want to read the titles in Swedish, take a look at this post!

I’v added a * to the books you really really should read!

66 books in one year

1 September 2009 – 1 September 2010

Rating 5: 12 books (in no particular order):

Rating 4: 19 books (in no particular order):

I’m not sure if I should continue with this for another year. Maybe.

Go a head and give me suggestions of books I should read!

En liten tanke…

Jag läser rätt många skönhets/smink-bloggar, både utländska och svenska, och väldigt många av dem har tävlingar eller giveaways. Efter att ha lagt lite extra fokus på vilka det faktiskt är som vinner de senaste månaderna så är det nästan så att i 70-80% av fallen (i runda svängar) så går vinsten till en annan skönhets/smink-bloggare som är med i “klicken”, dvs en person som har en lagom/relativt stor blogg. En annan grej är att de gärna visar en bild från som då så fint visar ett “random” nummer. Men det är ju lätt att förstå att den som har tävlingen gärna klickar “Generate” ett flertal gånger tills denne blir nöjd.

Är det bara jag som tycker att det känns lite surt? Eller är det bara jag som har märkt detta?

Tack och lov så finns det ju en chans för oss “vanliga” att vinna på de andra 20-30% av tävlingarna. Vilket är suveränt!

Själv är jag inte med i så många tävlingar så jag klagar ju inte på JAG inte vinner, bara på att ingen annan utanför “innekretsen” vinner… Men ja… bara en tanke…