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I’ve been lucky!

Måste ju visa att jag verkligen haft tur den senaste tiden! Jag har vunnit 3 tävlingar!

Pink tshirt folder - Big bang theory
1. Jag vann en rosa vikbräda hos CoolStuff! Man använder den till att vika t-shirts med! ;) Precis som Sheldon i Big Bang Theory! :D

Makeup from Wet n Wild
2. Jag vann även 5 produkter från Wet n Wild på deras Facebook-sida (gå med så kanske du också vinner!). Dessvärre passar färgen på läppstiftet inte mig, är också osäker på bronzern. Men jag kanske skulle ta och lotta ut dessa här på bloggen? ;)

3. Sist men inte minst så vann jag pocketboken Slaskjobbet av Christina Larsson hos Jennies Boklista!

Hur ofta händer det att man vinner så mycket på så kort tid? ;D Glad är jag i alla fall! :D

English: I’ve won three contest lately! I got a pink t-shirt folding board (just like the one  Sheldon uses in The Big Bang Theory!), 5 makeup products from Wet n Wild and one book! Crazy! I usually never win anything! :D

Blog Hop – Happiness

I’m participating in a Blog Hop with the subject Happiness. Thanks to Jennifer for setting it up!
Yesterday WriteSpell wrote about happiness and Almost everyone didn’t write anything so no links for them!
today it’s my turn to write, no show, you what happiness is to me. I’m making it simple by showing you a collage I made really quick for this post.

Happiness Blog Hop
My dogs really brings true happiness! Since I suffer from anxiety and depression, dogs are really a great complement to the medication for me! I can’t live without them! They give me inner peace, fun times and love. What more can you ask for?

Tävling hos Kerstins Krumelurer

Hos Kerstins Krumelurer kan man just nu tävla om ett presentkort på Adlibris på hela 150 kronor! Suveränt! :D
Jag är självklart med och tävlar!

(Avslutas 31 oktober)

Autum leaves

Took a walk yesterday with Ludde. The only good thing about autumn is the colors of the leaves, when they are gone, it’s just depressing!


I need project ideas!

Right now we are having a new project assignment in web development and that is to create a website from scratch. However, I’m having serious problems with coming up with an idea!

I had one idea at first, a re-design of a beauty shop, but then I realized that it was probably too much to take on in such a short amount of time (especially since we don’t use PHP *sigh*, just XHTML and CSS), I have to the 25th to finish. I also have to think about that it would be good to show the finished website to show potential clients in the future, so it shouldn’t be something stupid (and I want the highest grade on it!).

But what on earth should I make a website about?!

Do you guys have any ideas? HELP!

(Or if any of you guys have a small website (OR blog!) that need a re-design, let me know!)

October: Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month!

October Anxiety and Depression Awareness MonthOctober is not only the pink month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s also the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month which I think needs a lot more attention!

So many suffer from it, including myself, and I feel that this subject should be brought up more often! It’s scary that many people doesn’t really know what it means to suffer from depression and that there are so many preconceptions about it. It’s a disease that should be taken seriously!

Read more about depression at the National Institute of Health. (Or for Swedes:

So go green as well this month and join the Facebook group for the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month and help raise the attention for this cause!