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I’m extremely sick. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me (well can they really figure that out on a blood test that’s done in 5 minutes?) so here I am, ready to give up. Ugh.

Lipstick art!

Lipstick art black cat

Lipstick art Pikachu

Lipstick art Fox
Lipstick art panda

Why not try something new before you go out? :P
All made by viridis-somnio.

Nail polish inspiration #2

Nihrida Nail Polish

Just discovered Nihrida’s blog. She is showing of one of the best cracking effects I’ve seen so far (China Glaze – Snow and Kelier Black Cracking Polish).

When the cracking nail polishes first came out I was excited, but I’ve never bought one, and never will, because when I’ve seen so many not so good cracking nail polish nails, I’m not interested anymore, sometimes it’s even quite ugly.

On the second image she is showing a wonderful purple combo with Colorama – Noite de Gala and Savvy – Ultra Violet. Looks lovely!

Nail polish inspiration!

It’s time for some nail polish inspiration! Take a look at these lovely mani’s from Chloe’s Nails!
Oh so pretty :D

Nail art, Chloes nails, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, Seche Vite

Nail art, Chloes nails, China Glaze Naughty and Nice, Hansen Color Quick pen Red Chrome, China Glaze Millenium, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

Check out more pictures:
Picture one: Back to basics… (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, Seche Vite)
Picture two: Possible V-Day mani and Konad tutorial (China Glaze Naughty and Nice, Hansen Color Quick Pen Red Chrome, China Glaze Millenium, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte)

More on the Facebook-break

facebook addict

I just came across a very interesting (and long!) post by Steve Pavlina who’s had a 30-Day Facebook Fast, with headlines like “Friends lose their individuality and become part of a collective“, “Facebook creates a false and unsatisfying sense of socializing“, “Facebook is ruled by addicts“. He is pointing out many interesting things that I totally can relate to, even if I never really deactivated myself like he did.

Generally speaking, communicating via Facebook is a shallow experience. You read streams of brief messages from a variety of people, but the messages don’t contain much depth. Most are trivial and mundane. Some are clever or witty. Very little of the information you’ll digest on Facebook is memorable and life-changing. Using Facebook can still give you a feeling of connectedness, but the long-term benefits are negligible.


Fight Animal Cruelty

help me animal crueltyI just looked through the list of my most visited posts, and one of the most popular posts, that’s been in the top since I wrote it, is Animal Cruelty – Skinned Alive that I wrote back in 2008.

People have been linking to it here and there and I’m happy about that, it needs to be talked about! Animal cruelty is a frightening but important subject.

If you are a new visitor, I suggest you head over and watch the videos in the post. The first one shows a shocking look inside Chinese fur farms and in the second one the amazing musician Trent Reznor talks about the importance of the subject.

I should warn you though, you will never see anything more terrifying than that. If you are sensitive, you probably shouldn’t watch at all.

Help me spread the word!