Let’s shake hands!
Hello! I’m happy that you found your way to my website, and now I guess you want to know a little more about me, so let’s start:

The basics - I was born twenty-six years ago. I enjoy things like photography, watching movies, reading books and comics, writing, design and forensic psychology. I can often be found in front of the computer using my creativity with webdesign and photography, in my own world when I’m crafty or behind a book.

I’m from Sweden (it’s a cold place up north), I’m single and I don’t have any children. I have been working in the it/telecom business for more than six years and now I’m studying web development.

The lights of my life - I’m currently living in my very own apartment, with one of my dogs. His name is Ludde and he is a mix of papillon, poodle and tibetan spaniel. My other dog is called Alfred and he is a mix of rottweiler, labrador and vorsteh, he is living with my parents cause he is quite big.

Why do I blog? - I have been blogging since I was twelve years old, ever since it just was called “online diary”, I have loved it ever since because it has given me the opportunity to express myself in so many different ways. I actually can’t imagine what I would do without a blog.
During the years I have had plenty of blogs, both successful and non-successful. A few of them are still alive and some have been buried.

Talk to me or stalk me - If you want to contact me (please do!)
You can stalk me on the following communities. I call it stalking but the general term would be social networking. Feel free to add me, I will add you back!

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