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Here are some pictures from day 32 to day 40! And no, not a picture for everyday. I gave up after a month! I’ve told you guys before that Ludde is not allowed to dig up the bed cover to lie on the sheets or my pillow. As always, when I’m busy with something else, [...]


I’m two days late with these! ;) And for your information, I didn’t get any picture yesterday because I was so mad because of the stupid camera that doesn’t want to show the whole menu so I can change it’s settings (which was the whole point with the 365 project – learning). So my 365 [...]


It’s time for another batch of pictures! And as always – click on the image to view a bigger size! 020: I made a delicious mud-cake! Yum! 021: I bought a new lipstick from Isadora! A real bargain! Instead of 110SEK it was on sale for 20SEK! And the color is awesome, can’t really say [...]


Instead of getting each picture it’s own post. I’ll post a bunch each time instead! Click on the images to view a larger version! 015: Lipglosses and lipsticks. The whole collection. I use them all! 016: Fake candle. 017: Spike mat. I should start using it more again, it’s great! 018: I’ve been sick for [...]


Diary notes from 2009. Shredded. It was a bad year. 


Just washed the make-up brushes!

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