Craft Goodies!

Written on September 13, 2009 - Filed in DIY.

Some yummy crafty links I’ve found the past week or so:

(Excuse the crappy image above :P)

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11 Responses to “Craft Goodies!”

  1. Cecilie says:

    Thanks for sharing:) I would love to make my own laptop bag:)

  2. Cecilie says:

    Sorry for the re-post. I wrote the wrong website address in my comment. This is the right one.

  3. sarajessica says:

    Why isn’t my damn feed working! Grauuurgh. :D
    Missing some great posts of yours…not anymore hopefully.

    Ps. Jag har olivgröna naglar, det är så coolt!

  4. sarajessica says:

    Btw, can’t you make me one of those fannypacks? ;) Although…I DO have a sewingmachine…heh. :D

  5. sarajessica says:

    Mnjä mnjä! Jag sover inte för lite?! Vem var hur? :D

    Äsch, just ignore me then. ;) Hittade en som verkade lättare att sy annars. Slängde upp på min tumblr. Men jag har ändå tummen mitt i symaskinen när det kommer till att sy. ;)

  6. sarajessica says:

    Och just det! Verkar ha fått feeden att fungera…hoppas jag…hm… :D

  7. Oridusartic says:

    OMG! I love the last site: Freebies! How About Orange. It’s simple but loaded with lots of freebies and nice art. :D Thanks for sharing.

  8. maia says:

    Det ska bli rejält roligt att åka dit. Nu har det mesta av mina negativa känslor försvunnit och alla de glädje känslor som jag hade tidigare kommit tillbaka =)

  9. Shiri says:

    Thank you for those links. All very nice tutorials. I can’t believe fanny packs are coming back (or are they?) I already had a *shock* moment when I saw Carrie wearing one in an old episode of the Sex and The City :D

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