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eBid - Online AuctionsIf you are a regular visitor on Ebay you probably know that they take fees for everything you sell. When selling things for more money than you thought the fees can get pretty high, you still have to pay even if you don’t sell the item.

However, if you take a look at eBid Online Auctions. It’s an online auction website where you can do the same as on Ebay, selling your stuff. The difference here is that eBid doesn’t charge you listing fees, you are only charged a small final value fee when your item sells.

This is not just a tiny site, it has more than half a million auctions in 6000 different categories! You will find everything on this site.
Registering an account at eBid is free, so register and take a look of all the benefits that they offer. You can save a lot of money!

When looking on different auctions at the site I noticed that there was a count down clock on every auction which is great. Overall the website is very well organized and has a clean look.

Counter part of eBay, www.ebid.net has plenty to offer you, with just $49.99 all you can eat tariff that they offer, that goes against eBays charging per item.

I’ve already registered myself, now I will spend the whole evening looking at stuff I want!

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