Hama beads – Super Mario inspired

Super Mario Hama BeadsEarlier this week I took the time to create my first hama beads creation in my adulthood. I remember those happy days as a kid when you could play with them without feeling childish, like I do now. But it took my mind off things for a while and it was nice.
I made a mushroom that can be seen in the Super Mario game. I’m not sure what to do next, I would like to do a Hello Kitty but what should I do with it? I don’t even like Hello Kitty! ;)

By the way, I’m in the process of remaking my subpages around here and so far I’m finished with the about page. Take the opportunity to see me in my new blue wig! :P

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  1. That’s awesome!! If you’re taking requests; Link from the Zelda games would be cool to see.

  2. [...] more creations from patterns I found online. Like I said in my previous post about the beads “Hama beads – Super Mario inspired“, it is great to get lost in something so simple. I feel like a child again! [...]

  3. Hama Beads ain’t just for kids. My wife and I are every bit as hooked as our eldest daughter. You can find tons of patterns online – Flickr is a good source.

  4. Absolutely love it! Gonna make my own mushroom glas coasters =). Thanks for inspiration.

  5. [...] have had some sleepless nights lately and I have occupied myself with sorting hama beads (SE: rörpärlor) after color (I have a huge bucket with mixed colors) in a nice sectioned [...]

  6. Gamingnerd says:

    I’m 11 and I have been using a pattern a lot like the one above to make a super mushroom, a 1Up mushroom, and Toad from the Mario games! I wanna make more Mario creations but, I can’t find any patterns for free. Can anyone help me out? Some Pac-Man patterns would be cool, too. By the way, Jarrod, I’d like to see Link, too!

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