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A couple of weeks ago I received samples of Lucy Minerals foundation (I ordered the original formula – If you have oily skin they have a Oil Control Foundation and if you are extremely allergic they have a Lucy Light Foundation – without any additives.) in the shades Fair, Light and Snow White (it rhymes!). I’ve seen so many good reviews online about them that I just had to order some samples to try them out myself! They came in tiny zip-lock baggies but there were quite a lot in them! Will last long for me!
The sample sizes are $1.50 and the full-sizes are $14 with free shipping ($6.00 Minimum Order) worldwide!

Lucy Mineral Samples

What the website says

Anti-aging, natural sun protection (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide), NO Parabens or Micronized Minerals, Water-resistant – Holds up well in humidity, Zinc Oxide has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Ideal for sensitive, acne-prone, or problem skin (especially rosacea), Contains the ingredient Allantoin (an anti-irritant) to soothe and protect the skin, Great coverage – reduces redness in skin, Free from bismuth oxychloride, talc, fragrance or preservatives…

Since I have problem with my skin; extremely dry areas and redness I was so excited to try it out! And the first time I used it I was like; WOW! Extremely good first impression! And second, and third! I love it! It covers my redness really good and it stays on longer than I thought as well. I even got a bit sweaty one day and I just had to put on some powder on my forehead to cover the shininess.

As you can see below, I have put on the “Light” foundation on the left side (just a little to make it look as natural as possible), the right side is only moisturized (look at that horrible redness, and this is on a good day!).To me it was a huge change!

Lucy Minerals Foundation Fair
After the photo was taken I put Everyday Minerals foundation “Fair” (Intensive formula) that I normally wear on the other side just to compare. The EM foundation didn’t cover the redness as good as Lucy Minerals, I also felt that EM made my skin more dry and that I had to use more to get the coverage I wanted. I have also had the feeling that EM wears of more easily during the day.

The shades

At first I thought “Fair” was too light for me but now I think that it’s almost the perfect match. If I compare with Everyday Minerals, I can use their “Fair” and “Ivory”. Even if it’s hard to tell from the picture, EM’s “Fair” is a tiny bit darker than LM’s “Fair”. I haven’t even tried “Light” yet, it seems too dark and too yellow for me.

Be ware of “Snow White”! It’s really white! :P I tried a little bit on to see if it made my skintone brighter, and hell yes. I looked like a goth afterwards! :D So Snow White is a foundation for all you goths out there! However, it’s perfect to brighten the other shades up a bit, or use it as a highlighter.

Everyday Minerals vs Lucy Minerals

Buy full-size?

If it doesn’t happen anything unexpected with the rest of the sample, I will absolutely buy a full-size!

Have you tried Lucy Minerals? What are your thoughts?

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10 Responses to “Lucy Minerals Foundation”

  1. Holly says:

    Wow! That is a huge difference! I hate buying makeup – there’s just too much choice!

  2. Cecilie says:

    That foundation looks really good! I will definitely try it out sometime seeing as I’m having problem with redness as well. Thanks for the tip:)

  3. Lady Impulse says:

    Wow that makes a really huge difference. I might actually try Lucy minerals. Mineral foundation is always better than the others because its mostly natural and doesn’t have anything that would clog pores. I really want to try!

  4. sarajessica says:

    Det där var ett riktigt bra resultat får jag säga. Yay för att hitta grejer som fungerar. :D Hm, undrar vilken nyans jag skulle ha, kanske samma som dig eller ett uns mörkare…

    • Malin says:

      Om du hade tänkt dig original formula så blir “Light” den som kommer efter “Fair” vilket jag tycker är ett lite för stort hopp mellan nyanserna. Annars får du köpa den vita också så du kan blanda själv ;)

  5. Helene says:

    OJ! Jag har samma hy som dig och är ganska rödflammig, speciellt på kinderna och jag använder nu ID men tycker att den inte täcker rödheten så mycket som jag vill, så jäklar vad imponerad jag blev av resultatet av denna! Jag har kollat runt och är sugen på l8nyberg, lily lolo men nu är denna också ett alternativ!

    Känns ju nästan lite för bra för att vara sant då dem är riktigt billiga och sen fri frakt? Men eftersom det är i USA så är jag rädd på att åka på tull om man beställer en stor foundation, har du hört något om det?

    • Malin says:

      Jag har faktiskt precis testat Lily Lolo i två dagar men den täcker absolut inte lika bra som Lucy Minerals. Jag försöka ta en bild på hur det ser ut med :)
      Vet dessvärre inget om hur det blir med tullen. Jag beställde en stor foundation från LM för några dagar sen så det återstår att se! :)

  6. Angie says:

    I’d like to get my hands on some mineral foundation, its kinda out of my budget right now though. Its totally worth it I’m sure!

  7. Erin says:

    I have the Lucy mineral foundation in fair, the OCS formula and it covers everything. It really controls oil on my face throughout the day. I have used Earthenglow minerals (CoverMe formula) before and I think it breaks me out but with Lucy minerals my skin stays clear and healthy. Also the foundation shades are very forgiving, the colors adjust to your skintone and the coverage is awesome, a little goes a long way. The fair shade doesn’t make me look ghostly white but if you do need to lighten the color you can add some snow white to it. I haven’t tried the finishing powder yet but I ordered a sample so waiting for that to come. Give it a try, you might be surprised!

  8. rinaz says:

    Woah, that foundation looks really wonderful on you! I just ordered some samples. Hope to get it soon and see how it works on my skin :-)

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