October: Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month!

October Anxiety and Depression Awareness MonthOctober is not only the pink month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s also the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month which I think needs a lot more attention!

So many suffer from it, including myself, and I feel that this subject should be brought up more often! It’s scary that many people doesn’t really know what it means to suffer from depression and that there are so many preconceptions about it. It’s a disease that should be taken seriously!

Read more about depression at the National Institute of Health. (Or for Swedes: Depression.se)

So go green as well this month and join the Facebook group for the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month and help raise the attention for this cause!

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  1. Marina says:

    That’s very nice of your to showcase this awareness =)

    I agree people need to pay attention to this more. I’m sick of people making fun of sad people saying that are just being emo. They have no right to say anything unless they are in their shoes.

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