Why I can’t be a successful blogger

Nowadays there is a lot of talking about how to be a successful blogger. There are advice and tips everywhere. The most common advice is that you have to choose a niche.

How to track your Blogger statistics with Google

Google owns Blogger (Blogspot), everyone knows that. But we all Blogger bloggers miss the statistics module that for example WordPress.com blogs already have. Since they’re in the same family I think it would be a good idea to implement Google Analytics with Blogger. But you never know, it might show in the future.

However, if you want to track your visitors on your Blogger/Blogspot without putting up a linkback-image to the tracking-service on your blog (that’s so 90′s!) then Google Analytics is the tool for you.

Since everyone doesn’t know how to do it, here is a little short tutorial for the newbies:

Track your Blogger (Blogspot) statistics with Google Analytics

How to set it up

  • Go to Google Analytics to sign up or log in.
  • When logged in, choose to create a new account (click on the menu next to “My Analytics Accounts” at the top right of the page and choose “Create a new account”) and follow the steps. When you get to “Tracking Code“, open up a new window/tab and log in to your Blogger account.
  • When logged in you will see your Dashboard, click “Design” under the name of your blog and you will arrive to Page Elements.
  • Then choose “Edit HTML” in the horizontal menu.
  • Take a look in the textbox and find the </head> tag.
  • Now you have to copy and paste the code from Google Analytics right BEFORE the </head> tag, then click  “Save Template“.
  • Then click “Save and Finish” at the bottom of  the Google Analytics page and you’re done!

To check your Blogger statistics, you just have to click on your account on the first page of Google Analytics. If it says “Tracking Unknown” in the status column, even after 24h (you have to wait a day until it starts tracking), you have done something wrong.

Also, you might want to get your blog “Google verified” (How to add and verify a site on Google) so your blog gets crawled – your chances to show up on search results increases. Here is a tutorial for you WordPress.com users.

(Latest update of this tutorial: August 1st, 2010)


Like I mentioned before, it is good to have backups of your content in case something goes wrong. Let’s focus on another side of file protection. You are aware of that basically anyone can get a hold of your private information right?

SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP
SecureZIP is the tool when it comes to protect your files and private information, weather it be bank statements, medical reports, tax records, passwords and other personal stuff or protecting emails and attachments, SecureZIP is the tool for you.

It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook with ease and it will automatically encrypt, digitally sign, and zip email messages and attachments for you automatically.

Wile it will protect your information it will also continue to leverage all of the benefits that come with file compression. Hence the name ZIP.

Using this tool would definetly take a weight of your chest when thinking about sending something that’s rather personal through your email. These days you never know who will read it!

SecureZIP is right now offering a free license of their full software for a limited time at www.securezip.com! All you have to do is to submit your email address and then you will get an email that contains the download link.