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5 Bad Beauty Purchases

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Bad Beauty Purchases
I’m bored and I just cleaned out my makeup stash a bit of bad products. I do realize that I could have returned some of these and get a replacement, but I was too lazy at the time. A few of them I couldn’t return since I bought them in a store and they don’t accept refunds or replacements once they have been opened.

  • Depend Eyebrow Pen – Not sure if I got a “Friday car” but this was a disaster. It was dry and even though I followed the instructions, I didn’t get it to work.
  • E.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – Dry as the desert!
  • Isadora Flashy Curl Mascara – Took a few uses, then it became like a gum, then it became dry.
  • Max Factor Masterpiece Glide and Define – First of all, the product I got was grey, the marking for black was very similar. The consistency was watery. Glide – yes, define – no.
  • E.l.f.  Blushing Bronzing and Blending BrushDo not buy this one! A total disappointment! It’s not as nice and smooth as it looks on the product image! The bristles are stiff and scratchy. I have however found another use for it – I clean my keyboard with it! It’s excellent for that purpose!

Some of these probably worked wonders on others, but I would absolutely advise that you don’t buy the E.l.f.  Blushing Bronzing and Blending Brush, it totally sucked. Only buy it if you want to clean your keyboard with it! :P

Anyone else that have experienced/discovered bad/disappointing beauty products lately?

got2b 2 Sexy – Yay or nay?

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

got2b sexySom ni säkert läst så vann jag en tävling hos Beleza och fick därför Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy big volume hårspray och mousse med collagen lift effect.

Nu har jag hunnit testa dem ett tag och kan nu göra ett ordentligt utlåtande ;).

Är helt okej. Har använt den i vått hår innan föning och den luktar inte för starkt (luktar lite hallon på ett kemiskt sätt (?)). Lukten tycker jag försvinner efter föningen. Stadgan tycker jag är jättebra jämfört med Wella’s mousse.

Sprayen: Efter föning med moussen så har jag använt sprayen. Den luktar väldans mycket i början men det antar jag att alla gör, man bör ha god ventilation! Känner mig däremot lite kluven till “hallondoften” även om lukten inte stannar kvar hela dagen. Stadgan är fantastisk! Håll upp håret, spraya lite grann och håret stannar i samma vinkel som du höll det i!

Dock har jag märkt att mitt hår blir extremt sprött och frasigt efter sprayningen! Jag blev nästan lite rädd! Det kändes verkligen som att håret skulle trilla av om jag rörde vid det! Det var samma visa varje gång tills jag slutade använda båda samtidigt!

På mig fungerar de här bäst var för sig! Min hårbotten kliar lite efter att jag haft sprayen i en hel dag, men jag har ännu inte hittat någon som inte kliar!

Produkterna tillsammans: 1/5

Var för sig:
Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray: 3/5
Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Mousse: 4/5


I posted before that I won a contest at Beleza where I got Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy big volume hairspray and mousse with collagen lift effect.
Now I’ve tried them out for a while and here is my little review:

Mousse: Works great. I’ve used it in wet hair before blow-drying it and the smell isn’t too strong (smells a little bit like raspberries in a weird chemical way). Most of the smell disappears after the blow-drying. It’s way better/stronger than Wella’s mousse.

Spray: After blow-drying with the mousse, I used the spray. It smells quite a lot in the beginning (don’t they all?) and I’m not sure if I like the “raspberry scent”. But it does the job great! Hold up the hair, spray it and it will stray in the hair will stay in the same position!
However, after using it, I’ve noticed that my hair got extremely fragile and crispy! I got a little scared that my hair would fall of if I touched it. It happened every time until I stopped using the mousse and the spray together!

So, on me these products works best separately! My scalp do itch after wearing the spray for a day, but I have not yet found a spray that doesn’t give me itch yet!

The products together: 1/5

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray: 3/5
Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Mousse: 4/5

Kitty Litter Facial Mask

Friday, January 16th, 2009

On YouTube, I am a subscriber to Michelle Phan’s (aka RiceBunny) video channel. And today she put up her newest video tutorial; Kitty Litter Facial Mask. Yup that’s right, kitty litter. It’s not used though! But you have to admire her imagination and creativity!

Why not take some of your cat’s litter clay and improve your beauty? If you don’t have a cat, ask a friend if you can borrow some (Can I have some kitty litter please?). Buying a whole bag in a store might be a bit much, unless you are doing a full body mask that is!

Take a look at the video tutorial on how to make a face mask with kitty litter below!

Make my Monday

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Make my Monday

Which 3 beauty products will be most important for you this coming winter?

1. Naturén Fotkräm/Footcreme. I have never before found a whole line of amazing products before. All Naturén’s (CCS) products are amazing! Sometimes I put it on before I go to bed and with socks on, the next morning i have soft baby feet! Has a fresh scent of eukalyptus.

2. Naturén Hudlotion/Bodylotion. Unscented. I swim a lot so this one does the job. I also use either this or the handcreme for my face. I have to mention that I love the design on this bottle, can’t really tell why!

3. Naturén Handkräm/Handcreme. Unscented. May seem really thick but it absorbs in no time!

(4. Guarama Lip Butter -The Body Shop. Make my lips soft and has a wonderful refreshing scent I just can’t live without!)

Make my Monday is an attempt at starting a weekly beauty-meme. Each monday a new beautyquestion will be posted at Bjooti, then you will be answering the weekly questions in your very own blog or in the commentfield if you don’t have a blog of your own. When you have posted your answers, let us know by commenting on the weekly Make my Monday post, or by posting a trackback link in your post.

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