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Lucy Minerals Foundation

Friday, April 9th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I received samples of Lucy Minerals foundation (I ordered the original formula – If you have oily skin they have a Oil Control Foundation and if you are extremely allergic they have a Lucy Light Foundation – without any additives.) in the shades Fair, Light and Snow White (it rhymes!). I’ve seen so many good reviews online about them that I just had to order some samples to try them out myself! They came in tiny zip-lock baggies but there were quite a lot in them! Will last long for me!
The sample sizes are $1.50 and the full-sizes are $14 with free shipping ($6.00 Minimum Order) worldwide!

Lucy Mineral Samples

What the website says

Anti-aging, natural sun protection (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide), NO Parabens or Micronized Minerals, Water-resistant – Holds up well in humidity, Zinc Oxide has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Ideal for sensitive, acne-prone, or problem skin (especially rosacea), Contains the ingredient Allantoin (an anti-irritant) to soothe and protect the skin, Great coverage – reduces redness in skin, Free from bismuth oxychloride, talc, fragrance or preservatives…

Since I have problem with my skin; extremely dry areas and redness I was so excited to try it out! And the first time I used it I was like; WOW! Extremely good first impression! And second, and third! I love it! It covers my redness really good and it stays on longer than I thought as well. I even got a bit sweaty one day and I just had to put on some powder on my forehead to cover the shininess.

As you can see below, I have put on the “Light” foundation on the left side (just a little to make it look as natural as possible), the right side is only moisturized (look at that horrible redness, and this is on a good day!).To me it was a huge change!

Lucy Minerals Foundation Fair
After the photo was taken I put Everyday Minerals foundation “Fair” (Intensive formula) that I normally wear on the other side just to compare. The EM foundation didn’t cover the redness as good as Lucy Minerals, I also felt that EM made my skin more dry and that I had to use more to get the coverage I wanted. I have also had the feeling that EM wears of more easily during the day.

The shades

At first I thought “Fair” was too light for me but now I think that it’s almost the perfect match. If I compare with Everyday Minerals, I can use their “Fair” and “Ivory”. Even if it’s hard to tell from the picture, EM’s “Fair” is a tiny bit darker than LM’s “Fair”. I haven’t even tried “Light” yet, it seems too dark and too yellow for me.

Be ware of “Snow White”! It’s really white! :P I tried a little bit on to see if it made my skintone brighter, and hell yes. I looked like a goth afterwards! :D So Snow White is a foundation for all you goths out there! However, it’s perfect to brighten the other shades up a bit, or use it as a highlighter.

Everyday Minerals vs Lucy Minerals

Buy full-size?

If it doesn’t happen anything unexpected with the rest of the sample, I will absolutely buy a full-size!

Have you tried Lucy Minerals? What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Here are some pictures from day 32 to day 40! And no, not a picture for everyday. I gave up after a month!


I’ve told you guys before that Ludde is not allowed to dig up the bed cover to lie on the sheets or my pillow. As always, when I’m busy with something else, he takes a chance! And when I get back it looks like this! So adorable! (Yes, it’s my own fault that I don’t teach him no properly in this situation. But how can I? ;))


It sure looks comfortable, doesn’t it? :P

Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet
I bought two Isadora Eyeshadow Quartets that were on sale. 40 SEK each!


I wore pretty earrings again!

Everyday Minerals Floating Feathers and Driftwood

I wore a simple eye make up; Driftwood on the lid and Floating Feathers above the lid. Both from Everyday Minerals. I think it matched my skin tone and freckles perfectly!


Look-a-likes? My bag matches my dog. Or the other way around! ;) I bought the hairy black bag from H&M a while a go. Also on sale, 124 SEK! Half the price!

Latest Everyday Minerals Haul!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

I totally forgot to mention that I made another order at Everyday Minerals about a month ago!

A Free Sample Kit and a Flat Top Brush

Linght Pink Blush from Everyday MineralsI ordered another free kit with the foundation colors that I liked but in another formula; Cool Fair (semi-matte), Buff Ivory (semi-matte) and Cool Fair (intensive).

As for the blusher I chose Light Pink (image on the right) and as for the concealer I once again chose the Multi-Tasking Concealer (it totally rocks!).

Flat Top Brush from Everyday MineralsI also ordered a new brush that has become my favorite! It’s the Flat Top Brush! It’s incredibly soft! But the handle was much smaller than I expected.

I still however prefer to use a rounded brush for the blushers, but it’s great to use with foundations!

The Sand Castle Kit

I also couldn’t resist getting the Sand Castle Kit! It’s a sample kit of Driftwood, Funnel Cake, Boardwalk, and Freckles eye shadows and it comes with a bamboo handled eye shadow brush! And wow, I’m totally in love with those colors! They all fits me perfectly! I can really recommend this kit!

Sand Castle Eye Shadow Kit from Everyday Minerals


I also got a surprise with my order! Three free eye shadow samples! It was Cotton Tale (grey), Greeting Card (purple) and Hoppity Hop Hop (green) (I love that name!). I guess they are from the previous summer (last year) collection. I haven’t had the chance to try them yet though.

Greeting Card, Hoppity Hop Hop, Cotton Tale eye shadows

A lot of stuff, I know :P


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Everyday Minerals – again

Everyday Minerals Brushes EyeshadowsI know I’ve talked about makeup a bit too much lately, I’m not going to turn this in to a beauty blog. But these are all the news I have to tell! I’m working and working so I don’t really have much time for anything else.

Last week I received two brushes and two eye shadows from EverydayMinerals. One foundation brush and one eye shadow brush. The eye shadows are Floating Feathers and Pressed Olive.

Once again I have to give EM the highest score. I’ve never experienced so soft brushes! I’ve already tossed away my cheap H&M brushes! It’s a huge difference!

And, Floating Feathers is my newest favorite among my eye shadows! Not that I have many. I’ve got these two, a two colored one from Isadora, a couple from H&M and a small palette from Viva La Diva. And I also only buy samples when it comes to mineral products since they last very long for me (it’s cheaper too!).

Gucci RTW Fall 2009

I just saw the images from Gucci’s latest collection on a fashion blog and went “wow!”. I just love the style! It’s black and rock! Check out the images from Gucci RTW Fall 2009 at and tell me what you think!

Enough about that. I should get down to the basement to see if there’s anyone in the wash house, if there’s not I might just slip in and wash some clothes. I don’t think you are allowed to wash after 8 in the evening but I really have to!

Everyday Minerals

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Everyday Minerals

One and a half week ago I ordered a Sample Makeup Kit from Everyday Minerals and it arrived today!
I got the following…

- Cool-Fair (Original Glo)
- Cool-Fair Medium (Semi-Matte)
- Buff-Ivory (Semi-Matte)

- Salon Fun

- Multi-Intensive

Everyday Minerals

I’ve tried them all once and I can already say that all the foundation colors works perfectly with different areas of my facial skin! Amazing. I need a bit more time to see which one is the ultimate one for me though.
The concealer took away my blemishes right away. Score! And the blusher might be a little bit too dark/intense for my cheeks so I have to be careful with it, however I also used it as a lip color along with H&M’s transparent lip gloss and the color is perfect! So far Everyday Minerals products get 5 of 5 from me!

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