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My new Pony Brown Diary/Planner

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I have totally forgot to show you my new Pony Brown Diay/Planner! I bought this from eBay several weeks ago! I fell in love with it straight away and I didn’t get disapointed when it arrived, it is extremely kawaii!

Along with the diary/planner you got number-stamps, tons of cute stickers and a plastic cover. It’s so adorable that I almost don’t want to ruin it with my doodles! ;)
Tons of pictures below!

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

pony brown diary planner

Cute Japanese Bus Stops!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Gosh, just look at these pretty kawaii Japanese bus stops that looks like fruits! How adorable! They are in shapes of a strawberry, tangerine (lemon?), melon, water melon and a tomato.
The water melon and the strawberry are my favorites! I would put some cushions inside the strawberry and make it my home!

What’s the story behind this? The stops were built for the Travel Expo show in 1990 with the intent to serve as an attractive gateway for travelers entering the Nagasaki Prefecture. According to the Isahaya City web site, the creators got the idea for these unusual shapes from the famous story of Cinderella where the carriage turns into a pumpkin.
- From Daily Onigiri

Japanese Bus Stop Strawberry

Japanese Bus Stop Tangerine Lemon

Japanese Bus Stop Melon

Japanese Bus Stop Water Melon

Japanese Bus Stop Tomato

(Image source)

3 lunchbags for sale

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

I’m having 3 lunchbags for sale at Tradera. One Strawberry, one Kuromi & Kawaii (w. My Melody) and one Nightmare Before Christmas! All starting at 1SEK! I know you want one! :D

Jag har 3 hand/lunch/väskor uppe på Tradera. En Strawberry (jordgubb), en Kuromi & Kawaii (m. My Melody) och en Nightmare Before Christmas. Alla börjar på 1 krona! Superbilligt så spana in! :D

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