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Nail polish inspiration!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

It’s time for some nail polish inspiration! Take a look at these lovely mani’s from Chloe’s Nails!
Oh so pretty :D

Nail art, Chloes nails, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, Seche Vite

Nail art, Chloes nails, China Glaze Naughty and Nice, Hansen Color Quick pen Red Chrome, China Glaze Millenium, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

Check out more pictures:
Picture one: Back to basics… (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, Seche Vite)
Picture two: Possible V-Day mani and Konad tutorial (China Glaze Naughty and Nice, Hansen Color Quick Pen Red Chrome, China Glaze Millenium, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte)

Day 4: My Hobby

Friday, February 4th, 2011

day 4 photo challenge

I’m not sure if you could call it a hobby but I love nailpolish! I’m always searching for amazing colors. I thought that taking a picture of my books or some coding from my webdesign would be so fun ;).

Below is my tiny collection. I don’t have that many, but the ones I have I really like. I think I have them all there, but my 3 bottles that belongs to my Konad-kit are missing from the picture.

day 4 photo challenge

(Part of the 30 Day Photo Challenge!)

Gratis Sunsilk schampo och balsam!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

sunsilk co-creations
Igår var det en finfin dag eftersom shoppingen blev så billig! Jag fick ju en gratis prenumeration på ELLE genom att blogga om Tidningskungen i julas, så i första nummret som kom häromdagen fanns det en kupong som erbjöd att man kunde hämta ut ett gratis Sunsilk Co-Creations-kit, dvs schampo och balsam (full storlek!) på Vero Moda. Sagt och gjort! Suveränt nu när det var dax att köpa nytt schampo!

Dessutom hade jag ett presentkort från GratisBio med mig till H&M där jag köpte L’Oreal Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Waterproof (den är helt suverän) och ett nagellack – French Kiss –  för halva priset. Kunde ju inte motstå ett billigt lack! Så skörden gick på totalt 13 kronor! :D

h&m french kiss

Free shopping! I got both schampoo and conditioner from Sunsilk Co-Creations with a coupon from ELLE magazine (got a free ELLE-subscription when I blogged about Tidningskungen). Also had a giftcard from GratisBio where I got L’Oreal Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Waterproof (it’s awesome) and a nail polish – French Kiss –  for half the price!

E.L.F haul!

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

I decided to give myself an early Christmas present so I ordered a bunch of stuff (mostly nail polish!) from e.l.f! And since they offered a free 32pc eye shadow palette with the order, I couldn’t resist! The total price, with shipping to Sweden was £14.95  (ca 160kr). Not bad!

So be ware of many images below, because you will see:

  • Nail Polish – Golden Goddess
  • Nail Polish – Twinkle
  • Nail Polish – Metal Madness
  • Nail Polish – Royal Purple
  • Nail Polish – Desert Haze
  • 32pc eye shadow collection palette
  • Warm Bronzer from the Studio line

elf nail polish

elf nail polish golden goddess and twinkle

elf nail polish metal madness and royal purple

elf nail polish desert haze

elf 32pc eye shadow collection

elf 32pc eye shadow collection

elf 32pc eye shadow collection

elf warm bronzer

elf nail polish swatch desert haze and golden goddess

And last but not least; I tried to get a good picture of my nails, but failed miserably. You can’t see the awesomeness in the last picture but I thought I could show it anyway. It’s 2 coats of Desert Haze and 1 coat of Golden Goddess, and believe me, it looks amazing! It’s my new favorite combo! It’s perfect for Christmas!

Also, take a look at a similar combo – Golden Goddess and  Lilac. And here you can see Golden Goddess for itself.

(I’ve done some bad/fast photo editing in one of the images, I hope you don’t see it! :P)

Enchantress Emma

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Enchantress Emma H&M Konad
Enchantress Emma from H&M and white Konad stamps from the M3 plate. I love the blue color!

Depend Summer 2010

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Depend Summer 2010
Bought some new nailpolish the other day. Three colors from Depend’s summer collection; 195, 198 and 196. The green one is prettier IRL though.

Depend Summer 2010

I was hoping for a matte polish for the summer, but no luck. Instead they have and old color ( it is amazing!)  in the collection, the purple 163. But I will probably buy 201 as well.

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