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Some late shopping?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Do you think it would be safe to go out and see if there is something left from the Christmas sale today?  I’m in a shopping mood, but I can’t stand crazy crowds. I’m the one sitting home eating what ever that is left until the crazy crowd is gone. But I think I have to re-fill my fridge today as well, sigh.

Did anyone pick up a real bargain this year?


Friday, July 31st, 2009

I shop therefore I am

I shop therefore I am

Yesterday Maia and I went shopping in a new mall in Malmoe. I found a nice coat at New Yorker (got to love that store!), 4 books, 1 pair of white boots from H&M and 2 lovely necklaces! I really can’t remember when I bought so much in one day.

Besides shopping we went to a restaurant and to RedFellas Juicebar. I made my biggest accomplishment at the juicebar! I have fobias for all kinds of fruits and vegetables but I almost managed to drink up the “Shopaholic“-juice I ordered. And it wasn’t that bad! My body probably thanked me when that was coming down ;).

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Christmas Calendar – Day 7

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I’m done with my Christmas shopping! Nothing overpriced has been bought and just one gift to each one. Except to my brother. He has never brought a Christmas present to me, or our parents. And I don’t count the times he wrapped something old in (from our own homes) and gave us that instead.
But I have to give him a break I guess, he doesn’t really have an income (he’s still in school), and the money he gets, he spend on pizzas and cars.

If you need something more to get in the Christmas mood check out these goodies that Smashing Magazine presented:

Shopping made easy with ShopWiki

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

What is ShopWiki?

It is both a guide and a search engine in one. You can search for products by category and by price or price range. It is also consumer-written wiki where people share their opinions about the products they buy and there are also many gift and shopping guides available (for example: take a look at the Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide), just in case you don’t know what to buy for yourself, your loved one or a friend.

When searching for a specific product, like car seats, the wiki will not only show you different types of car seats, it will also show you a buying guide, reviews and related products such as sun shades for cars. The list of items are well organized with pictures and and price range (that you can set yourself). You can also sort the list with a specific brand or color.

It is a great place to go when shopping, since you have all the information in one place. And I think the ShopWiki Gift Guides is a really good recourse for getting ideas on seasonal gifts! It’s christmas soon and I think I might need a helping hand!

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