Why I can’t be a successful blogger

Nowadays there is a lot of talking about how to be a successful blogger. There are advice and tips everywhere. The most common advice is that you have to choose a niche.

What’s a niche?

A niche is, simply put, a specific subject or area. Or as Wikipedia puts it;

A niche market is a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector. [..] A niche market may be thought of as a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

The advice that is given is that you should choose a subject that you are really interested of, but it also has to be somewhat popular, you have to have and share quite a lot of information about the subject and of course – unique. But of course, there are many successful blogs out there that doesn’t really have a specific niche.

Why I can’t be a successful blogger

Infektia - Successful blogger - Liz StraussI have a problem there. If I would like to be a so called successful blogger, I would fail before even starting. I don’t really have an interest or hobby that I know a lot about. Some would stop me there and say: “It’s webdesign!”. But it’s not. Sure it’s fun, interesting and challenging, but I don’t know enough to actually dive in the business. So not even DoshDosh three-step method could help me there.

Does this mean that I’m a failure?

It may seem so in the world of monetized blogs and all the money making and successful blogs talking-sphere. But I think it’s important to remember how it all started. You know, the old online diary writing back in the days.

I think you should feel successful if you can feel satisfied with what you write on your blog, that it has given you something. No need of hundreds of visitors every day, no need to monetize or go link whoring. Words are valuable, if they speak your mind, whatever it might be…

But of course, it’s a big plus if you can earn a buck or two on it! :P

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